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Amit Sheen

I help young entrepreneurs and early stage startups develop better products

This is what I do:

Custom websites Applications & Widgets Consulting services API integrations

Custom websites

So you need a website. Good.

First thing you need to know is that most of the websites these days are built using pre-made templates and some sort of 'website generator' such as WordPress or Wix. That is absolutely fine, because it answers the needs of 99% of websites owners. If you are one of those 99% - use Wix.

But, if you belong to the other 1% and need your website to stand out, that's where I come in.

When you free yourself from the binding lines of a template, you can create a website that is truly loyal to your brand, and provide your visitors with the optimal website experience. That is why I only build custom websites with a unique dynamic design, that is tailored to your needs, and your needs alone.

End to end Service
Advanced capabilities
Fully responsive
W3C compliant

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Applications & Widgets

Applications are all around us!

They do everything for us. We have them on our phones and tablets, we use apps on our computers, and we've already gotten used to getting our content seamlessly across multiple platforms and devices. Yes, we human are easily spoiled.

Developing a good app is never an easy task, and takes a lot of work (And don't believe anyone who says otherwise). In order to give your clients the best user experience, every app needs to have a smart and intuitive interface, a fully responsive design, and of course, to use the latest technologies possible.

That is why I specialized in developing custom HTML5 based Progressive Web App (PWA), which is the most efficient way to build advanced applications with native capabilities, that can run on any type of device and look good on any screen.

Most start-up companies these days choose to develop Progressive Web Apps, especially as a MVP, since it is cost-effective, relatively fast, and utilizes the newest and most innovative technologies around.

Cross platform
Safe and reliable
Easily re-engageable


Sometimes, all you need is just a small functional component (AKA a widget), to add a specific feature to your website, or incorporate a new service to an existing app. Widgets can be a great and powerful tool, and useful for expanding your site functionality, adding dynamic data to otherwize static content, and engaging your clients.

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Consulting services

Need a technological counsel? that's what I'm here for.

Over and over again I come across young startups that encounter major technological difficulties (which sometimes end the entire venture), most of which could have been avoided with proper characterization or the use of better technologies.

Sometimes it's the 'non-technological' entrepreneurs who don't know how to properly asses the technological needs of the venture, and sometimes it's the technological entrepreneurs who insist on working with what they know and don't check alternative options that might be more appropriate and suitable for the project.

As a 'veteran' technological entrepreneur who made a decent amount of mistakes at the beginning of the road, I know how important and valuable it is to have someone with the appropriate experience and knowledge to consult with. That is why I've started working with startups and young entrepreneurs, accompanying them along their way and helping them improve their technology.

If you need help in characterizing and planning the development process, overcoming a specific problem, testing and vetting new technologies, or just need someone technological to consult with:

API integrations

APIs are the unsung heros of the web, allowing applications and websites to communicate and interact with each other. APIs enable you to integrate various services to your site or app, and add location based services, payment forms, user authentication, CRM, social interactions, scheduling boards, analytics, ads, news feeds, and pretty much any other service you might need.

Since each service has its own API, and each API has its own unique syntax and set of commands, every integration is just a little bit different, with numerous potential issues that might delay the process or increase production costs.

Luckily, after countless API integrations, including everything from flights search to video chat, several payment services, all major social networks, and the primary Google APIs - I've learned what to expect and how to properly handle every issue, so that each service will integrate as smoothly as possible.

Need to integrate an API in your website or app?

About me:

Hey guys, nice to e-meet you.

I'm a full-stack coder with an extensive experience in characterizing and developing advanced client-side applications, and a special affection for gamification of complex systems.
I'm also a gadget freak, game maker, Sci-Fi enthusiast, autodidact, a wannabe musician, and a former chef.

I have a pathological curiosity about new technologies, and I'm always on the lookout for a new challenge, so if you have an innovative idea, an original venture, crazy technology, or anything else related to the entrepreneurial world you think will interest me - I'm waiting to hear from you.

Why work with me?

First off, I love what I do, and proud of it. I'm agile, versatile, learn fast, and work faster. Besides, people say I'm a pretty nice guy, it's up to you to prove them wrong.

Things I'm particularly good at:





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Past clients:

Some testimonials:

In our task, Amit proved that he is a true professional.
We needed to create a WebRTC-based P2P video system to coordinate meetings within our platform.
A phone call, a few correspondence and one frontal meeting was all we needed.
Within a week, as promised, the system was ready and working perfectly.
Nadav Boaz, CEO, HomeDiet
I wanted to say thank you very much for the pleasant experience of working together.
Working with you was enjoyable, professional and generous. The customer was very satisfied!
I felt that you are giving yourself beyond what was expected of you.
Many thanks, hoping for more fruitful cooperation.
Rachely Zarfaty Cohen, Graphic designer
I met Amit due to the need for our company to communicate with our community via a technological platform. I received a warm recommendation from a mutual colleague. we made contact and met. Amit was very available, quick-thinking, motivated, took the project we offered him and immediately went to the task. Within a few days Amit studied the area, and brought us number of very effective solutions for continuing our work. It is clear that Amit is familiar with his field of activity, professional, and open-minded. I assume that we will cooperate again in the future and will definitely recommend him to anyone who needs services of the kind that Amit gives.
Mickey Prusak, Maagalim
As part of my everyday work, I'm required to manage a client list and communicate with my clients, and as my work load expanded, I found it challenging to do just that. Amit planned and built a simple, intuitive system, easy to use and tailor made for my specific needs. During our interaction, Amit was very professional, accommodating, and eager to help. I would gladly recommend Amit to anyone in need of technological services or assistance.
Barbara Doron, linguistic editor
My work with Amit is first and foremost an experience!
Cognitive-interactive experience, of interaction, brotherhood and creativity.
Irmi Benjo - Founder, RewizIT

Side projects:


A new kind of 2D puzzle

think square!
Cubelo is a fun new puzzle that combines logical thinking, planning ahead, and color coordination, and provides hours of joy for all ages.
Color mode: 65 levels in 5 different difficulty levels.
Image mode: Use one of the existing images in the game, or take a picture of your own.


A mandala maker with a twist...

Creating mandalas was never more fun or easy.
Draw, paint, save, and share your creations to the world.


Just JUMP!

Drive through a gravity changing worm-tunnel, collect goodies, beware of red mines, and... try not get dizzy.

Clock Of Clocks

What time is it?!

This is my version for the Clock of Clocks, a design concept that uses multiple analog clocks to create a digital clock display.
And yes, I know there is nothing analog about it, but hey, I made the dials dance...

Click here to see the full vertion, with color adjustment and dance mode.

Color Detective

Can you deduce the sequence?

A fun new version of an old classic.
A simple code-breaking 'Bulls and Cows' type game, using colors and shapes.

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